However, with WINNER activities halted as of now and members busy with their individual schedules, Tae Hyun and Ryeo Won have been spending leisurely dates together.

The couple were even spotted just a few days ago enjoying a date together at a cafe in Shin Sa-dong.

There are so many K-Pop idols that just fly right past us, and we just can’t keep up with every one of them!

That’s why we want to press the pause button in your busy K-Pop life, and introduce you to one special K-Pop individual per week.

WINNER’s Comeback Plans Delayed as Tae Hyun Takes a Break for Health Issues Nam Tae Hyun and Jung Ryeo Won met last year through a mutual connections.

Through their similar interest in art, the two became close in a very short period of time.

Published in the European Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that black tea stimulates the production of good bacteria in the gut and changes our energy metabolism in the liver via gut metabolites.

Drinking black tea may promote weight loss and speed up your metabolism, a new study claims.Jung Ryeo Won, born in 1981, and Nam Tae Hyun, born in 1994, are making headlines as the historical couple to have 13 years difference in age with the woman being older.Rumors of the two’s relationship started circling early this year when netizens discovered signs of the two’s love through each of the two’s Instagrams.PEOPLE: Photostory of WINNER’s Tae Hyun YG Entertainment announced, “We formally announce the delay of WINNER’s comeback due to an unexpected situation.” The agency continued to clarify, “The reason for the delay is the health issue of member Tae Hyun.He had been suffering from psychological health issues ever since his trainee days, and has been getting worse over the past few months.” YG had sat down with the idol and his mother to discuss the situation months ago, where all parties agreed that continuing with his WINNER schedules would be too much on his deteriorating health.

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