Julia volkova and lena katina dating

she's not aware she's fanning so much anxiety from everyone - she just wants to give people information.“I am very happy to work with one of the original and most successful Russian record labels, Gala Records.I’m full of strength and energy and very optimistic about the future.

Petersburg (which Madonna recently protested during her stop in the city.) That the group managed to find worldwide popularity a decade prior now seems nothing less than revolutionary.

your post will be deleted, that´s the most "tolerant place" on web.. And hours after I wrote that message, I love that song in the link. First listen hate, then find it listenable, and after 10 listens you love the song but you still know it's trashhh.

seriosly someone tell the adm, to stop it, that place is the "worship yulia" is cool, critics/ or telling her lips are aweful, or simply have a VERY diiferent opinion than most people there is a sin... Yulia got her chance to improve her face, she was actually getting close to going back to her normal self, actually, but if she insists to become a freak and NOT talk about it, not share it with her fans, then... it's not gonna be this month - i think mid-september is a much more realistic release date.

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