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You are building a great reference for the local history of Walthamstow. I shall always regret that I never took the opportunity to get to know more about his work at the Royal Standard.

Referring to the Martin Family who lived in Tennyson Road, I knew a lad called Kenny Martin back in the late forties and fifties. I knew Rising Sun pub in the 1970/80’s when I managed a tough east London housing estate in Bow for the GLC.

I was a kid of nine and lived in Gordon Road, off Lennox Road , Walthamstow. I also knew all the boys Freddie, Jimmy, your Dad Albert, Harry, also the daughter Doris.

The snow was so deep that a lot of the dads built an igloo out of snow blocks that was soo big and roomy we were able to get seven or eight kids in, all standing up. Eileen and myself worked together at Wrightons, the furniture makers at Billet road. Eileen and myself both got married, I married Eddie Wybrow, who lived in Sutherland Road. Eileen and Peter moved to Burgess Hill and we moved to Tonbridge in Kent.

Tony LANCASTER Did Laurel and Hardy ever appear at the Palace Theatre, Walthamstow? Since Eileen died Peter has been over to England and stayed with us for 2 weeks. Yours sincerely Jeremiah O'MAHONEY Hi everyone just found this site.

The production function takes the general form Y=f(K, L), where Y is the amount of output produced, K is the amount of capital stock used and L is the amount of labor used.

I have discovered your site and I am wondering if there would be anyone who remembers my father. In 1976, we moved from our three bed overcrowded flat in Priory Court, Walthamstow to a large four bed house in Chingford.

Rosemary FREEMAN Hi Consuelo Just a quick response to say that whilst I cannot help with your enquiry I am the grandson of Doris & Eddie Longhurst [Barbara’s son], who lived next door to you at No 22. Take care John HUNT Correction to my previous posting, it was not Kenny who jumped through the skylight or received the camera but Freddie Black. After a few months, early one evening, I saw my next door neighbour, a small charming apparently shy man, loading a keyboard, an amp and leads into his car.

He was obviously following a very specific career path. You are building a great reference for the local history of Walthamstow.

Tony LANCASTER The very cold winter you refer to was 1947 and I remember it so well. Although the nature of the epidemic is not mentioned in the article, Google research for epidemics in 1946 indicate there were a large number of Polio epidemics throughout the world as well as the UK. Michael GILBEY Hi Janice My Husband saw your letter on Walthamstow Memories, my mum and Dad and all our Family lived at 183 Winns Avenue, next door to the Myers Family. I went to school with Eileen from the age of 5 and we spent all our school days together.

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