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The Futa Fairy – Futa Reporter's Wicked Wish Chapter Two: Becca's Naughty Promos By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 “What are you doing here, Jenna? It's barely past sunrise.” Such confusion shuddered through me, the sunlight, so sharp and crisp on this November morning, shining in my eyes. In exchange for a future promise, which did concern me, I grew my dick. Her tongue licked across her pink lips, gathering white cum that leaked out of her mouth. “I'm your fluffer now.” “She's got you there,” Hosannah said, the curvy Jewish woman climbing in from the back and slipping into the driver seat. She's the one doing the squirting.” “I bet,” Hosannah laughed. My daughter ran her tongue up my dick to the spongy tip. I bet you were having sex even younger.” I flushed. “Mmm, I need to keep your cock all nice and hard and warm on our drive to Seattle,” she purred, sliding up me, her hands going to my blouse. Jenna, you'll bend over so your skirt rises over your ass aimed right at Hosannah's camera. I smoothed her skank skirt so it covered most of her delicious rump. And they drive women mad with lust.” I bent down, following the instructions on the teleprompter.” I gasped, staring at my twenty-year-old daughter as she sucked the last of my futa-cum out of my new clit-dick. I sat in the passenger seat of the news van in the parking lot of St. It was only a fifteen minute drive from my home in Parkland where I left my daughter sleeping. And she proved it, healing a young woman's broken arm with her hot jizz. And the entire time, I wished to have my own futa-dick, to have my daughter fluff my girl-cock the way Pattie, Dr. She gave it to me while I napped, letting my camerawoman, Hosannah, edit together the interview. “Hey, squirt.” “Don't call me squirt,” Jenna huffed. I groaned as the van backed out of the parking spot. My mom has such yummy cum.” “Mmm, I bet,” Hosannah groaned. I shivered, my daughter's fingers kneading my tits as she climbed onto my lap. I think a frilly skank skirt, something to show off her ass if she bends over in case you need to use one of her holes during promos.” “Yes,” my daughter groaned, fisting my dick, a drop of cum glistening on her chin. Ooh, yes, let's get into position.” “How do you want us? ” She trembled, her tits heaving beneath her blouse. Such a good muff diver.” “I raised my daughter well,” I grinned. Then let the cum flow.” “Okay,” my daughter moaned, clenching her pussy tight about my cock. She trembled, whimpering, her face twisted with strain, pussy juices dribbling down her chin. “It all wants to flood out of me.” I stared at the camera and read my line: “Something nasty and hot is coming to Monique. My daughter bent over her, her pink skank skirt sliding up her delicious rear.The minx undid my blouse, discovering the joys of my tits just like Pattie did. “Okay, Becca, let's have the first one with you and Jenna on the couch, your daughter sucking your cock,” Luka ordered, her nipples dimpling her blouse. Then we'll zoom out, revealing your daughter pleasuring your cock. “It's such a yummy cock.” “I know,” Luka said. Now in this one, Jenna, you're kneeling on the floor like a cute, little bitch facing us while your mom fucks you from behind. We have a line for you to read, too.” “Okay,” Jenna grinned. I slammed into her hungry depths, her pussy milking my clit-dick. She lay on her stomach while my producer buried her face into Jenna's hot pussy, licking out my incestuous seed from her snatch.My daughter's hands cradled my big, soft breasts. Just live off a diet of my mom's cum.” “Ooh, god, I bet you'd loose so much weight. Our new futa-reporter.” “Can anyone else have sex on camera? Jenna, when your mother says futa, that's when we'll start the pull out and when I want you to just go to town on her dick.” “I can do that! “Damn,” the man operating the second camera groaned. I sat down on the loveseat, my daughter curling up beside me. They're called futas.” My daughter moaned, bobbing her mouth, her hot, sucking lips sealed on my dick. Only on Channel 5.” “Good,” Luka groaned, her body shivering. Thousands upon thousands of women would see me being so naughty with my daughter. “I love having my mom's big dick in me.” “I know you do, sweetie,” Luka groaned. Our tongues met, dancing around each other while I fucked my daughter so hard. I shuddered, my producer's curvy ass wiggling at me. An idea popped into my head for one last naughty promo.I shivered as the hot press of her cunt nuzzled against my pussy. My fingers dug into her ass, my big breasts shaking. Our hands kneaded each other's tits as our tongues dueled and danced. I shuddered atop her, holding her as she convulsed on me. I fired the final blast of incestuous girl-cum into her snatch. I came three more times into my daughter's pussy on the drive to Seattle. My daughter knelt before me and engulfed my cock with her mouth. She's dedicated to making sure my futa-cock is hard during the day. The Hispanic woman knelt in her beige skirt, the material stretching about her thighs. Her eyes fluttered as she savored the salt of my girl-jizz. I want to shoot some promos for tomorrow's show. The Seahawks had the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs at the moment. “Oh, that's such a good pussy,” I groaned, staring up at the camera. “Just nice and slow, pumping that big dick in and out of her. Can you see her shaft going into her daughter's snatch. “Damn, she's hung.” “I know,” Jenna groaned, her snatch clenching down on my girth. My pussy clenched, juices running down to my stocking thighs. I shivered, my daughter bucking back into the thrust. “I'm Becca Brittney, reporter for Channel 5 News, and I'm one of those hot, naughty dickgirls. “But we don't need to worry about your makeup any longer. Juices glistened on her silk, clear rivulets trickling down her legs. My Hispanic producer moaned as my naughty daughter buried her face into hot snatch. I shivered, feeling the wrinkled sphincter against my cock.

” “I just woke up and knew what you needed, Mom,” she shrugged. She put the van into reverse, the vehicle idling this entire time. On-air talent always gets the perks.” “I think I get the perks,” Jenna said. Then kneel down and spread your daughter's butt-cheeks.

” “I wished for it so badly.” “So did I,” muttered the young woman, her brown hair spilling about her envious face.

” I asked, looking around the near-empty parking lot. I just am here.” She kissed the tip of my futa-dick. “Nonsense,” dismissed Jenna, speaking with such authority on the subject. They even found a skank skirt for Jenna, this pink thing with ruffled lace so short it barely covered her pussy and the bottom cheeks of her ass peeked out. No wonder you volunteered to be your mother's fluffer.” “Yep,” Jenna beamed, still stroking my cock, so sensitive from cumming. The pair of us strutted on our hooker heels, stilettos that had us both swaying as we moved through the studio. ” Luka moaned, trembling, her eyes wide as she came on my daughter's mouth. “Yes,” Jenna hissed, and I knew my cum flowed out of her snatch.

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