Pregnancy dating based on conception

Let us see just how you can do that in this article.Before we embark on finding the conception date, it is important to understand what conception dates and due dates are.Therefore, whatever figures you obtain add 266 days to it to see if leads you to the due date provided by your healthcare provider.

Since, the exact day of conception is also an estimate. Normally you can deliver your baby two weeks before the provided due date or two weeks later.You just need to add and subtract some numbers and you have your results. In order to get the conception date based on due date you will need: The gestation period of a pregnancy is supposed to be 40 weeks, 10 months or 280 days if you prefer.What this means is that, there is already an allowance of about two weeks added to the period to cater for when conception could have taken place.Is it possible to find out conception date by due date?How can I calculate the conception date using the due date?

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