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She is a junior executive with a major manufacturing company located just outside of Kansas City.

Her husband is an airline pilot and is gone most of the time.

I’d park it on the street for the night because sometime tomorrow morning, I’d be heading out again.

I’d parked there before, so the neighbors don’t mind. I’d received a call on my cell the day before yesterday from my daughter.

WARNING-This series is about a grand father and his 14 year-old grand daughter having sex. I don’t want to have any negative comments about “how sick” I am. Is was about PM when I finally pulled my rig off of Interstate 40 onto the highway towards my daughter’s house.

If this floats your boat, then please, your comments are welcome, positive or negative. I had driven all day long, starting in Colorado that morning, just after sun rise.

Now she was getting to that age when she has developed other interests instead of traveling with her Gramps around the country in his coach.

As I caught a glimpse of her street, I started applying the air brakes to my 45’ diesel pusher motor coach and slowed it down a little to make the turn onto the narrow avenue.I pushed the button to open it and Kristy came bounding up the steps and gave me a big hug before I could even get out of the captain’s chair. When Kristy came back to the coach, she took my hand and we walked into the house. I had taken her to Yellowstone a few years ago, but we never got down south to the next park.“O hi, Sweety,” I exclaimed, giving her as big of a hug as I received. Kathy was in a panic, trying to pack for her trip to who knows where. She had heard me talk about the sheer awesome beauty of these granite spires, growing out of the valley floor, for over ten years and now she was so excited to finally see them herself; and I was thrilled to show them to her.I love Kristy and she loves her Gramps; we always have and we always will. I always told her to put a brick on her head so she wouldn’t grow up so fast. I set all of the switches to the appropriate settings while Kristy ran the extension power line to the shore outlet for electricity; I’d need the A/C and frig for the night.I set the air brakes on the coach and turned the diesel off when someone was knocking on the door. I could use the shored water, but I might as well take advantage of the free power.

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We had already bought the coach and had taken one long trip out west. I lived this way for over three years now and I’ve developed quite a band of friends from all over this country.

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