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he) is, and you sent 15 deben of galena through him.When it had been handed to the physicians in the place of physicians of Pharaoh in the residence in order to prepare it, it was found to be very bad galena and no make-up usable for Pharaoh, l.p.h., was among it.Most people will have applied the make-up themselves, but for those who could afford it, there was the professional cosmetician, the z, the 'face painter' so to speak.Even after death one had to take care of one's looks.They were covered with a piece of leather which was tied around the neck of the jar underneath the lip.Other materials were also used, such as ivory: were famous throughout the Mediterranean.

Like the lotus flowers hovering over the heads of revellers they may be symbols of good cheer rather than representations of actual greasy cones balanced precariously on heads not altogether too stable after their owners had downed a few drinks. Amen and Queen Ahmose, wife of Thutmose I, seem to have had a special relationship according to inscriptions describing the conception and birth of Hatshepsut He (i.e.

Only a single deben of galena was found among it....

is the eye paint of choice in middle-eastern countries.

Still, the better-off Egyptians had wooden or clay foot baths for washing their feet, generally both at the same time; the laver on the right is exceptional, having space for one foot only.

While a few bathrooms and tubs have been discovered most Egyptians seem to have been content with cleaning themselves by aspersion or by a dip in a canal or the river.

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Most frequently used were white make-up, black make-up made with carbon, lead sulphide (galena) or manganese oxide (pyrolusite) and green make-up from malachite and other copper based minerals.

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