Taurus dating taurus

This hints at the fact that Taurus’ too, are very loving and affectionate creatures.

The planet Venus resonates with the energies associating with sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure, all of which are important to the Taurus who is all about feeling good and comfortable at all times.

Touch, and not just ordinary touch, but sensual, meaningful touch is important to the Taurus man because he wants to feel your affection whenever you touch him.

A loving touch, a desire for the sensual, and a taste for all things pleasurable are characteristics you’ll definitely need when you hook up with a Taurus male!

With Venus ruling over Taurus, your Taurus Man will have an incredible eye for that which is beautiful, and a taste for all that is incredibly satisfying.

This satisfaction is something the Taurus Man seeks in any kind of union, whether it is family, friendships, an engagement, or marriage.

To the Taurus man (or woman) this is, of course, how it should be!

That’s right, a Taurus Man isn’t difficult to recognize.

But he’ll be the first to wipe away every one of your tears.

They shy away from those that they are most attracted to. The Taurus man doesn’t understand the “game.” He is pretty straightforward and isn’t a great liar. You can’t and shouldn't pretend that you enjoy an activity if you really don’t.

With a good sense for money, Taurus’ appreciate a nice nest egg and financial security.

Knowing they have a safety net allows this Zodiac Sign to put their full focus on the greater or more pleasurable pursuits in life.

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You should never mistake his lack of energy or get up and go as a sign of disinterest. For all of his strength and courage, the Taurean male can lack bravado in dating. When it’s time to chill and Netflix, he won’t have a problem with you wearing your most comfy oversized sweatpants. Appearances don’t mean everything to him but he has a strong sense of pride that comes with being a bull. You may find your life about to get a lot more, well boring. It won’t take long before you’re spending most nights at home in front of the TV sharing a tub of ice cream. But when he’s home, it’s time to relax and chill out. He tends to enjoy road trips and new experiences that revolve around couples or families. If you’re his partner, then there is nothing that you won’t know about him and he wants to know about you. They don’t express their deeper emotions very well.

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