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See, for example, writer-director Jane Anderson’s adaptation of the Terry Ryan memoir, in which he plays Kelly, the alcoholic husband of the saintly Evelyn (Julianne Moore). Harrelson plays the boss of Steve Martin’s disaffected Los Angeles television weatherman, who’s so contemptuous of his job that he doesn’t worry about prerecording his forecasts — after all, the weather never changes in L. Sure enough, one day it rains and Harrelson (who was sailing because he thought it was going to be sunny) is pissed, firing him on the spot. Fox because he wanted me for that part,” Harrelson later recalled, “and that was my first break in the movies.” Even on , in which he and John C.’s nostalgic, slightly generic look at the conformity of 1950s society makes it feel like a pale echo of Moore’s better movies in the same vein. This was still the stage of his career when viewers would think, “Hey, isn’t that the Harrelson is knowingly dense as Hank, the rival for the affections of small-town beauty Lou (Julie Warner), who has an interest in the big-city doctor (Michael J. Reilly play the radio show’s beloved cowboy duo Dusty and Lefty.Looking like a live-action version of Scooby-Doo’s bud Shaggy, Harrelson amps up the stoned silliness, but there’s always an edge to the character as well — which is perfectly in keeping with a movie that consistently keeps a foot in thriller terrain.

Harrelson plays Mc Conaughey’s manager in the film, but he’s really just showing up, smoking some weed, and acting like an idiot like everybody else.Which is why it’s probably safe to blame Adam Sandler and company for the ugliness of his walk-on performance here as a “she-male” picked up by Jack Nicholson to seduce Sandler, who of course is cartoonishly disgusted. might be the worst of them, with Harrelson and Kiefer Sutherland as a couple of New Mexico rodeo stars who travel to New York City to solve the murder of one of their best friends.We know Harrelson was just playing along here, but … The movie’s approach to comedy is perhaps best illustrated by the poster, which features Harrelson and Sutherland on horseback in the middle of traffic in New York City, looking befuddled.is a Christopher Guest movie that’s been kicked in the head by a mule a couple of times, an entirely improvised comedy about the World Series of Poker tournament back when half of the movies being made seemed to be about professional poker.Harrelson, wearing another silly wig, plays a poker player who has been married 75 times, if you’re wondering how seriously this movie takes its proceedings. Part of the problem is that Shelton doesn’t seem to care as much about the film’s central sport (boxing) as he did about basketball, golf, and baseball, and it shows.

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