Updating network adapter

The last two pages would have uninitialized widgets when calling Hi, i am interested in your code, i am facing similar issue, I am able to update adjacent fragments but the current fragment which is visible doesn't get updated. how can i update views in current fragment which is shown by the VIew Pager adapter Just in case anyone are using Fragment State Pager Adapter based adapter(which will let View Pager create minimum pages needed for display purpose, at most 2 for my case), @rui.araujo's answer of overwriting get Item Position in your adapter will not cause significant waste, but it still can be improved.In pseudo code: I am just posting this answer in case anyone else finds it useful.

Then, in the Custom View Pager, create a method called update View At(int position).Update: I made a little test project and I've almost been able to update the views. What doesn't appear to update however is the 2nd view, the 'B' remains, it should display 'Y' after pressing the update button. My view Pager will show the new searc results but doesn't default back to the first entry in the cursor.Does anyone know how to reset the position when updating the dataset? The problem is that understanding how it works is a little complex.In the Uninstall dialog that shows up on your computer screen, check the option to remove the Network driver package completely.Following this, in the Action menu of Device Manager, check the Scan for Hardware changes option to reinstall the device.

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I've tried all sorts of things like calling even creating a brand new adapter each time I want to use a new List of data.

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